Fashion designer

Eli Nenkovska

Eli Nenkovska


Completed a high school in Fine Arts in 2016, after which she started an apprenticeship in a leather accessories studio in Sofia. Currently she is a student majoring in Fashion at the New Bulgarian University.

During her studies there, she became involved in various projects such as creating avant-garde models on the occasion of the premiere of a film about Pierre Cardin, organized by Mitko Damov.

Assists Yana Dvoretska (YOD) in costumes for university and other productions.
Her debut participation at IVAN ASEN 22 was at the “Flam(e)boyant” winter event.
In 2022, she completed a 5-month internship at the avant-garde brand Minoar, in which she developed a packaging design for the book “THE GHOST OF AVANT-GARDE” by Adriana Lacko.

Her most recent project participation was in a master class by Neli Mitewa on “Isolation and Inclusion” with an interdisciplinary installation presented at Porta Gallery.

The essence of her designs are hand embroidery, natural fabrics and inspirations from Japanese culture and functionality.