Jewelry designer

Veselin Hristov (Five seasons)

Veselin Hristov (Five seasons)


Veselin Hristov graduated in engineering and specialized in CAD-CAM systems. He deals with creative projects in various fields, mainly in the construction and design of machines, interior elements, and since 2016, he focuses on jewelry design.

“Five seasons” is his author’s project, focused on artistic jewelry design. His creative pursuits express the interaction between the outside and the inner worlds. He aims to challenge the public consisted of different characters, to identify itself in his work.

Veselin has always liked to work with construction materials such as wood, concrete, and steel because he feels emotionally attached to them. Those sustainable materials might sometimes appear rough, but they challenge him to transform them into jewelry. Combining them with modern materials such as jewelry resin gives the necessary elegance, adds emotion and shine to the end product.

His aim is, through the use of specific technologies, to provoke the senses and let the imagination interpret the shapes.