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The city of Sofia, as the place where we live and the place we come “home” to, either after a short trip or a long stay abroad, and the garment, which houses our body as a kind of XXS-sized home nearest to our skin—these were the two thematic poles that were set for the designers as a basis upon which to construct their personal interpretations.

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The designers were also unified by the choice of a single color: white—symbolic of our newly begun search for a design-identity through conceptual fashion. In addition, each of the designers also created a second design in color as a wearable interpretation of their main design. The place as a point of departure inevitably created a link to inherently architectural themes, such as statics, dynamics, and mobility.

The garment, on the other hand, became a kind of link between the individual person and the surrounding environment—the space and the social setting that the person inhabits. The point of departure for the development of the designers’ objects included the following questions:

  • What kind of space is Sofia to us: a specifically external one (a particular exterior or architectural object) or an internal one (interior, “home”)?
  • Could it be that Sofia is a subconscious emotional space with an almost inexplicable power of attraction, where we reside constantly, regardless of our actual geographical location?
  • Or is it a boundary space, a point of interception, a point of departure, a merging of one space into another…

How can the garment reduce the city space and the urban environment into an intimate size that stays close to the body? How does it feel “wear” Sofia and to be “dressed” in it?

The exhibition was created upon invitation and with the support of Goethe-Institut Bulgaria in the framework of its curatorial program “Sitiation Sofia”.

Fashion designers:

Alexander Gerginov, Diliana Ivanova, Georgi Florov, Igor Ilijovski, Neli Mitewa, Stanislava Dimitrova & Antoniya Raycheva


Neli Mitewa

Exhibition set design:

Momchil Tasev / PISTOLET Design Studio


Exhibition Locations:
  • 2015 Goethe-Institit, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2016 MODEPALAST, Ried and Vienna, Austria
  • 2017 BOKEH International Fashion Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2018 Historisches Rathaus, Duderstadt, Germany

Projects / XXSOFIA


Projects / XXSOFIA



XXSOFIA – Fashion film

camera and editing: Boryana Pandova
featuring: Lorina Kamburova
hair and makeup: Alina Manova
music: Twisted Keyborg with the voice of Elina K.

“We turned the restrictions into freedoms. The locations were reduced to a single one—the Goethe-Institut. The details in the interior unfolded as though they had been especially intended to connect with the designers’ works and represent them in the best possible way, which also responded to the concept of XXSOFIA. Black and white. Colors wouldn’t have been able to tell anything more. The most charming surprise of all was Lorina . . . A complete symbiosis . . . No instruction was given that required additional explanations. Then, a dance. A dance in which we permitted ourselves to be slow. To trust each other, even though we did not know each other. That was what our first encounter was like—natural and vivid. And it all flowed down its own path precisely because of that.”
Boryana Pandova, cinematographer


official selections, screenings, nominations and awards:

  • MFFF-Mexico Fashion Film Festival
  • Sofia Film Fest
  • DesArts/DesCinés Video Dance Competition St.Etienne, France
  • Modepalast – Ried & Vienna, Austria
  • B3F-Balkan Film & Food Festival – Pogradec, Albania
  • CCDC- Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival Hong Kong
  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival
  • BOKEH International Fashion Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa
  • International Fashion Film Awards, La Jolla, USA: BEST FASHION and BEST EDITING NOMINEE