Fashion designer

Diliana Ivanova (Yeda)

Diliana Ivanova (Yeda)


Dilyana Ivanova graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” in Sofia. Today, she focuses on using manual techniques, transformations, and constructive solutions in her work, while adamantly taking a “Zero Waste” approach.

During her post-graduation, Dilyana developed her own unique and intricate beads weaving technique and established her own artistic fashion brand YEDA, which she continues to grow today.
She has also accumulated many years of experience as a stylist for magazines, shows, music videos, etc. In 2013, GRAZIA magazine nominated her as “Woman of the Year” in the field of design. She has also participated in a group exhibition of jewelry and accessories at the Design Center in Stockholm. Today, she is also an active developer and designer of interior spaces.

Dilyana pursues her own extensive research on the various treatments of fabrics and the use of folkloric symbols and their translation into modern language through fashion. She implements this research into her physical work with beading and design, most recently by producing Imprint and Time, the first two exhibitions in a three-part series.

Currently, she takes a comprehensive approach to her many pursuits, working on both individual and group projects, and exploring conventional and conceptual topics.