Fashion designer

Dinka Kasabova (DK)

Dinka Kasabova (DK)


Dinka Yakimova-Kasabova has graduated with a Master´s degree in Textile from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia in 2004. In 2018, she also claims a PhD in Fashion design with her thesis on the topic “Clothing under the influence of space “.

She works at the Academy of arts “AMTII Asen Diamandiev” in Plovdiv. In 2019, she becomes an associate professor at the “Clothing Design” department of the same academy.

Her activities involve textile and fashion design. She creates clothes under her own label DK. She develops her skills further by researching old techniques for textile printing and dyeing. Her main means of expression are working mainly by hand with the fabrics and patterns of the garment, which naturally determines her empathy for “Slow Fashion”.

While working as a teacher and an artist she takes part in numerous fashion forums, exhibitions and science conferences. She took part in the Global Qipao Invitational Exhibition, China Silk Museum Hangzhou in 2020. In 2019, she made the design for the costumes for the theatrical performance “Masters” – Kokanova Dupnitsa. She created textile designs for the fashion collection “FUSION FASHION” by Neli Mitewa, which was presented at a fashion show in the African art gallery “COLIBANTAN” in Barcelona. She leads workshops on the project “Building together” of the Goethe Institute – Bulgaria, as well as a screen-printing workshop for the international project “Unstoppable” – Skopje, and a workshop for textile printing and dyeing at the Festival “Textiles and City” in Plovdiv. She participated in the international exhibition “Mini Textiles – 2019” of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in Sofia, and created the project “Continuity and Modernity”, a series of workshops to demonstrate ancient textile techniques. From 2006 to 2016 she took part in individual and group participations in the International Fashion Forums MODEPALAST in Vienna and BLICKFANG in Munich.