Blagovesta Kenova (Kenna Jewelry)

A Midsummer night’s dream

Blagovesta Kenova (Kenna Jewelry)


Blagovesta Kenova graduated from the National Academy of Arts with a degree in Metal. She participates in exhibitions in Bulgaria, USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc. She works as a web designer and develops her designer jewelry brand. Since 2019, she is participating in the thematic design events of Ivan Asen 22 conceptual designers` platform.

Blagovesta works and experiments in the field of contemporary jewelry with her brand KENNA jewelry. The designer jewelry pieces she creates are characterized by minimalist design and non-standard shapes. They successfully fit into the current fashion trends but remain sustainable over time. The main material of the jewelry is silver, often complemented by natural crystals, pearls, and more. The different collections are almost always connected to conceptual themes, considering different questions about the universe and human nature.

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