Fashion designer

Ilka Peycheva (Vintage Sofia)

Ilka Peycheva (Vintage Sofia)


Ilka Peycheva graduated сх “Illustration and Ceramics” from the School for Applied Arts “Venko Kolev” in Troyan. She worked as an illustrator, storyboard artist and animator. In 2011 she created the fashion brand Vintage Sofia.

She likes to work with natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose and wool. She loves the saturated colors, designs emphasizing the women’s waist and unusual patterns. In her work she is inspired by the stylistics of the 40’s and 50’s of the last century and the contemporary fashion trends.

A side project created in 2014 is Shirtwise. This brand, initially oriented to the male public, offers a combination of classical button-up shirts in combination with unusual patterns.
She has six individual exhibitions: “Record the Street” (2010), center-atelier “Nikolay Shmirgela”, Sofia; “My records” (2011), City art gallery “Asen i Iliya Peykovi”, Sevlievo; “Girls love cards” (2011), gallery “1908”, Sofia; “Girls’ Records” (2011), gallery BulArt, Varna; “Do you remember how it used to be?”, gallery “1908”, Sofia; “Colors and Diamonds” (2013), gallery “1908”, Sofia. She took part in several group exhibitions such as “The Big Art Show” (2007), Philadelphia, USA; “Weeky Freaky” (2011), Kaliakria, Balchik; “Supermercato in Neverland” (2012), Bolzano, Italy and ‘Who left? What Behind?” (2012), Art Gallery “Iliya Beshkov”, Pleven, Bulgaria and Center for Contemporary Art Ankara, Turkey.