Evgeni Petkov (Eugenio)

A Midsummer night’s dream

Evgeni Petkov (Eugenio)


Evgeni Petkov graduated in fashion design and textiles at the University of West London. He worked for some of the most creative British brands before launching his own sustainable brand EUGENIO and teaching eco-design at the University of Southampton. His collections showcase sophisticated designs, silhouettes and details, as well as complex combinations of materials, and a rich understanding for texture, with interesting combinations of shine and matte, fluid and crisp, patterned and silky, textural, draped and deconstructed.

“Green is the new Black” is the motto of EUGENIO, a brand born out of love for nature and comfort. It contains timeless, sustainable clothing for modern, adventurous women, who want to make impression, celebrating their ultra-feminine appearance and empowerment. The brand uses only natural, recycled or certified organic fabrics with the aim to deliver eco-conscious luxury at affordable prices, maintaining very good quality, functionality and sustainable practices along the way.

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