Fashion designer

Militsa Milanova

Militsa Milanova


Militsa Milanova is a fashion design student at the end of her Bachelor degree at the New Bulgarian University. During her education she took part in various projects, such as a fashion installation in honor of Pierre Cardin, curated by Mitko Damov, presented in the “Cinema House”. She assisted the main costume designer Yana Dvoretska in the making of the costumes for the play “12 angry women”. Her most recent projects include her participation in the masterclass by Neli Mitewa – “Isolation and Inclusivity” with an interdisciplinary installation, presented in “Porta” gallery.

Since 2021, she takes part in the designers` events of “Ivan Asen 22” conceptual platfom.

Working for the avantgarde brand MINOAR has broaden her outlook on the principles of fashion and the world of avantgarde art. At the moment she is focused on her education and widening her set of skills and abilities in the field of fashion by experimenting with new techniques.

In her designs she likes to challenge herself. Her approach is minimalistic and the silhouettes she develops are classic, inspired by the iconic 50s and 60s designs. In her design, she focuses on materials, experimenting with fabric manipulation and pattern design.