Exhibited 2.-30.06.2022

A Midsummer night’s dream
Escapism and the immersion in surreal landscapes of dream worlds as protection from the uncertainty in our time are the basis of the summer’2022 design event “A MIDSUMMER NIGHT`S DREAM” of the design team of IVAN ASEN 22. Inspirations can be found in Greek mythology, the Renaissance period, surrealism and the moonlight, creating a mystical atmosphere of multi-layered reality.

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The topic has a wide range of inspirations for individual interpretations:
Dreams transport us to hybrid spaces created by our subconsciousness, where the sky and the sea merge, the fields are in our room, and we swim and swing in the clouds of our soaring mind.

Surrealism: Freudian free associations, dream analysis, and the unconscious are key to Surrealists in developing methods to unleash the imagination. They paint imaginary, illogical scenes with photographic precision, create strange creatures from everyday objects and develop techniques that allow the subconscious to manifest.

Emotions: In the space of the rejection of the rational in a world of recklessness and madness, emotions and introspection, inward-looking, are beginning to play an increasing role. As in a mirror, the interior is reflected and becomes visible to the outside. The focus is also on physical states caused by emotions: palpitations, sadness, tears, trembling, fear, lightness or heaviness. Emotions find expression in mirror reflections, flashes that change color like chameleon textures.

The color scheme is dominated by blurred, muted pastel tones and the mysterious night purple, creating an atmosphere of melancholy.

Fashion interpretations include collage patterns, silhouettes and surfaces, organic three-dimensionality and layers. The collision of the seemingly incompatible creates harmony.

Pleats, cut-outs at atypical places, three-dimensional volumetric, geometric or organic details, “protruding” from the garment are some of the characteristic details. Strictly geometrically arranged or messy over-layers and frills create impressive textures.

The patterns are inspired by surreal flora, space, naive children’s or surreal drawings and collages.

The event features designers Prototype 23, Dilyana Ivanova, Georgi Florov, Dinka Kasabova-DK, Roses of the Queen’s Dog, YOD by Yana Dvoretska, nelmit, Jar & Jam, Rositsa Mrsic, Slavina Petrova, Milena Nacheva, Teodora Shumanova, Yuliana Yanakova, Stilyana Dzhongova, Evgeni Petkov-Eugenio, Anelia Antova, Dilyana Cholakova, Militsa Milanova, Eli Nenkovska, Kristina Lyubenova, Vintage Sofia and Inna Gabrovska. Author’s jewelry will be presented by Kalina Chankova, Gergana Trukanova, Katya Lazarova, KENNA Jewelry, Five Seasons and Vyara Ivanova.

There are also special design weekends: “Caribbean Party” with the collection of Evgeni Petkov-Eugenio, as well as the presentation of “Midsummer Clouds”, the summer’2022 collection of Prototype 23.

The designer models are included in the author’s photo session of Petyr Tanovski with the “face” of the event: Elisaveta Angelova.

The design event is realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, under the One-Year Grant Program.