Exhibited 2.-22.12.2021

The winter`2021 co-authored collection by the team of IVAN ASEN 22 leaves the cold, snow and icy paths to focus on the warmth, light and sparkling passion of their opposite element: FIRE! The symbolism of the flame, covering all aspects: from the coziness and soft warmth of the fireplace, through the burning passions, to the smoldering fire and the scorched fields … destruction, transformation, new beginning – we transform this inspiring element into sparkling fashion creations!

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The different states of burning and melting surfaces, smoldering and extinct coals and ashes, scorched edges, the smell of burning wood, mulled wine, caramelized melting sugar – a bunch of inspirations for developing tactile structures, working with glowing and smoldering colors, with lights and shadows, to create moving, transforming soft or sharp shapes, exuberant silhouettes, a bright and memorable presence.

Design developments include flame-inspired elements and shapes: fringe, ruffles, pleats. We see rich layers of textured surfaces of different density and knits in fiery colors. Ash and molten surfaces are translated into sets, wavy shapes and volumes. Scorched edges inspire the treatment of fabrics.

The outerwear has clean layers, prints with a three-dimensional effect, quilted volumes, oversized functional elements, sculptural sleeves.

Participating designers and labels are Prototype 23, Dilyana Ivanova, Georgi Florov, nelmit, Off Limits, Milena Nacheva, Slavina Petrova, Yuliana Yanakova, Radostina Klinkova, Polina Sotirova, Anelia Antova, Dilyana Cholakova, Dinka Kasabova, Stilyana Dzhongova, YOD by Yana Dvoretska, Inna Gabrovska, Evgeni Petkov and Yordan Mihalev. Author’s accessories will be presented by Gergana Trukanova, Kalina Chankova, Vessela Migarova, Five Seasons and KENNA Jewelry.

Militsa Milanova, Eli Nenkovska, Anita Racheva and Kristina Lyubenova, 3rd year students from the New Bulgarian University, are included in this edition as “New Names”.

The face of the author’s photo session of Petyr Tanovski with the designer models is the unique dancer Alexandra Spasova.

The design event is realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, under the program “One-year support of private professional organizations in the field of arts”.