Exhibited 3.-30.06.2021

The theme of the summer`2021 event of IVAN ASEN 22 is with a graphic focus, inspired by the classic games of chess, cards, dominoes, etc. The strict black and white contrasts are refracted by bright colors. Additional inspiration are movies and series in which these games are present, and the fashion style icons of the respective period they recreate.

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Let`s play…
… CHESS with “The Queen`s Gambit”!

Inspirations are the strict, slightly “obedient” clothes of Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) in the style of the 50s and 60s, with clear graphic contrasts, lines, patterns of (colourful) “chess” plaid, with details in contrasting colors.

Let`s play…
… CARDS with “Alice in Wonderland”!

Surrealism, retro-circus, vintage-clowns… romantic and historic details combined with graphic elements (lace / openwork, tulle, ruffles, pleats + stripes, rhombuses, …) are additional directions for inspiration.

We work with optical illusions, creating movement, misleading the eye, mimicry, vibrating graphic patterns, combining different types and sizes of geometric motifs, “disintegration” of linearity, “continuation” of a graphic pattern in 3-D-material.

The colour range includes black and white graphics + bright colour, as well as coloured graphics, mix & match of various graphic and floral patterns in close colorful color combinations, patchwork of small and large squares + deuce, pleated colour squares …
The participating fashion designers are: Prototype 23, Jar & Jam, nelmit, OFF Limits, Vintage Sofia, Love Annabels by Evgeni Petkov, Georgi Florov, Dinka Kasabova, Inna Gabrovska, Dilyana Ivanova, Milena Nacheva, Slavina Petrova, Radostina Klinkova, Polina Sotirova, Anelia Antova, Yuliana Yanakova.

Author’s jewelry will be presented by Velislava Bozhinova, KENNA Jewelry, Gergana Trukanova, Five Seasons.

The competition for “New Names” in this edition was won by Stilyana Dzhongova and Vyara Ivanova.

Stilyana Dzhongova discovered her passion for textiles at the high school of applied arts, and then specialized in textile design for the fashion industry at the National Academy of Arts. The designer creates collections of clothes in limited pieces with original designs. The patterns and models developed by her for LET´S PLAY! are inspired by playing cards and op art. The patterns are presented as a game of imagination and create illusions. The colour range is in black and white graphics, combined with bright colours that vibrate and deceive the eye. For Stilyana, art is a game, a way to explore the world, freedom.

Vyara Ivanova graduated in Metal from the National High School of Applied Arts in Sofia, and at the National Academy of Arts she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Art History. She defended her Master’s degree in Metal at the National Academy of Arts with a series of concept jewelry.In her work she achieves a kind of amalgam between the design of the 20th century and modern forms of jewelry. She admires the works of postmodern and contemporary sculptors, interpreted in her series of copper and silver jewelry, influenced by the monumental and minimalist works of the French sculptor and artist Bernard Venet. For LET´S PLAY !, Vyara descends into the aesthetics of the middle of the last century, as well as Art Deco as an influence on the creation of a series of jewelry with non-traditional techniques and materials such as plexiglas, brass, riveted assembly. The contrast between black and white is complemented by brass elements, and the shapes are entirely geometric.
The designers´ exhibition “LET´S PLAY!” is realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, under the program “Support of private organizations` 20 “.