Exhibited 3.-22.12.2020

The co-authored collection of 25 designers by the team of IVAN ASEN 22 for winter’2020 turns the snow into a fluffy comfort to wear. SNOW and its characteristic winter surfaces of frost, ice and crystals are at the heart of the theme. Its different aggregate states from solid fluffy snow to its melting transparency with its corresponding different textures from grainy to smooth, the geometric three-dimensionality of carved ice blocks, the unique natural phenomenon of frozen waves in Antarctica, ice hotels in Sweden and Finland are inspirations for the interpretation in materials, structures and forms.

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The cold, clean range of snowy and bluish white through delicate blue and blue-gray tones is softened by the warm multicolored lights of the aurora borealis.

Scandinavian asceticism in architecture and design is an additional inspiration with clear minimalist geometric shapes prevailing. They also stand out in the stylized geometric motifs of the patterns. The traditional patterns of the typical “Norwegian” sweaters are interpreted in new voluminous knits.

Transparency is applied in decisive cut folds and pleats. Small tassels and ribs are delicate elements placed at unconventional places.

The winter months are also a time for comfort, which we dedicate to ourselves. The partner of the event is the Australian company KEVIN.MURPHY, which prepared an original product from its luxury SCALP.SPA series as a gift for the clients of the event.

Fashion designers and labels Prototype 23, Jar & Jam, Rositsa Mršić, nelmit, YOD by Yana Dvoretska, OFF Limits, Dinka Kasabova, Inna Gabrovska, Dilyana Ivanova, Milena Nacheva, Slavina Petrova, Radostina Klinkova, Polina Sotirova, Anelia Antova, Dilyana Cholakova, Yuliana Yanakova, Ilka Peycheva are participating in the event, and “snowy” accessories and jewelry will be made by Velislava Bozhinova, Kalina Chankova, Katya Lazarova, KENNA Jewelry, Gergana Trukanova, Yaroslava Bykova and Five Seasons.

The big innovation in this edition is the video-catalog shot by the photographer Petyr Tanovski with the participation of the actress Irmena Chichikova, which is realized thanks to the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, under the “Creative Initiatives” program.

The design exhibition “SNOWear” is realized with the financial assistance of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, under the program “Support of private organizations `20”.

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