Projects / 1,5 KM OF...

A „recycled distance”: One and a half kilometers—this was the exact length of the (mostly white and a few black) elastic bands which entirely covered the showroom of IVAN ASEN 22 during one of the exhibitions organized in the space. After the end of the event, a decision was made to recycle the material and turn it into the starting point for the creation of conceptual fashion garments.

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The designers were given the task of completing the ellipsis following 1.5 km by supplying their own visual commentary and recreating their personal understanding of the concept of “distance”—its duration, its expanse, or its transience. Depending on the point of view, the concept can have positive or negative connotations; it can be perceived as something that is too long, protracted, and oppressive, or something that is brief, quick, and elusive. A combination of conflicting perceptions is also possible, and the concept of “distance” can be examined either from an abstract or a specific point of view.

All the participating designers were free to treat the elastic bands’ material in whatever way they wanted: their elasticity could be employed as a fundamental quality; it could be changed, eliminated, or made visible only through the movement of the object. The designers used “classical” techniques, such as interlacing, knitting, tying, stitching the elastics to each other or to another material, creating an overall flat or three-dimensional material or structure, twisting, and quilting, but they also employed experimental approaches, such as deconstructing, hardening, corroding, or placing into a mold. The shape of the object was then created on the basis of the new material, or through the methods of moulage, sculpting, or a combination of various techniques.

Through this elastic material-link, distance is interpreted as an attempt at a connection with others amidst a lack of communication. As a touch to the subconsciousness of the human essence and the depth of psychological interactions. It can also be the path to self-knowledge on which we embark in an effort to escape uniformity or other people’s ideals. Or a way to balance the contradiction between staticity and dynamics, between monumentality and lightness. It can be the invisible distance and the turning of the gaze inward. The distance translated into the language of textures as a way of measuring the breadth, flexibility, and consistency of our thoughts. Of considering how distance, represented in the shape and form of fabric, can express the emotions that cause us to perceive a particular unit of time in one way or another.

The exhibition was realized as part of the SPACE – AUDIENCE curatorial program of SAMCA -Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art and was supported by BIODERMA and Gaudenz B. Ruf Award for New Bulgarian Art.

Fashion designers:

Alexander Gerginov, Antonia Pashova, Georgi Florov, Katya Lozanova, Neli Mitewa, Radostina Klinkova, Sylvia Tsvetanova, Stanislava Dimitrova


Neli Mitewa

Exhibition set design:

Momchil Tasev / PISTOLET Design Studio


Exhibition Locations:
  • 2016 SAMCA – Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art
  • 2016 MODEPALAST, Ried and Vienna, Austria
  • 2017 BOKEH International Fashion Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2017 TAKE Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts in Vienna, Austria
  • 2018 Historisches Rathaus, Duderstadt, Germany
  • 2018 BIG SEE Month of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • BIG SEE FASHION DESIGN AWARD 2018 – Wearable Art by the Centre for Creative Economy of Southeast Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia to Georgi Florov for his work in 1.5 KM OF…
  • BIG SEE INSPIRATIONAL – VISIONARY AWARD by the Centre for Creative Economy of Southeast Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia to Neli Mitewa for her accomplishments for the development of the South Eastern European design scene.

Projects / 1,5 KM OF…


Projects / 1,5 KM OF…



1,5 KM OF… – Fashion film

concept and realization: Neli Mitewa, Iva Sveshtarova, Boryana Pandova, Momchil Tasev
camera and editing: Boryana Pandova
featuring: Alexandra Spasova, as well as Iva Sveshtarova, Stanislava Dimitrova
curator: Neli Mitewa
hair and makeup: Marina Chaneva
set design: Momchil Tasev/Pistolet Design Studio
music: Twisted Keyborg with the voice of Elina K.

“What was new in the 1.5 KM OF… film was that the person standing in front of the camera had a background in dance and knew how to manage the body’s movement through space. It was only natural for the garment-space situation to provoke a commentary-movement-story of the body.

We constructed this film’s overall appearance upon our previous experience, so this next project became a natural progression of that experience. The project was a next one not just chronologically, but also in how it conceptually developed the ideas of continuity and of recycling—a topic that we can’t currently avoid in the daily, creative, or political choices that we make.”
Boryana Pandova, cinematographer

FESTIVALS – official selections, screenings, nominations and awards:
BFFF Berlin Fashion Film Festival
Sofia Film Fest
BOKEH International Fashion Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa
CANIFFF Canadian International Fashion Film Festival
Fashion Film Festival Chicago, USA
Byron Bay International Fashion Film Festival, Australia
CAYMAN International Film Festival
Fashion Films RD, Dominican Republic
ASVOFF A Shaded View on Fashion Film
Barcelona PLANET Film Festival
International Fashion Film Awards, La Jolla, USA

Nomination for Best Director of a Fashion Film at the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF)
Nomination for the Best Experimental Film at the Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest
Nomination for Best Fashion Film at IBICINE in Ibiza
Winner of Coup d’Or Experimental, Fashion Film Festival Chicago.